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xxACxx: Aude Rousseau by macabun
xxACxx: Aude Rousseau
WOW the first thing I come back with is an rp group app isn't that nice :iconlaughsplz: 
Sorry I haven't done art in a while :^( I've been busy cosplaying for two years lmao



character description

Aude Rousseau

age: 22

birthday: November 29

gender: female

height/weight: 5'6" / 61 kg

nationality: French

voice sample: tba

department: Housekeeping

rank: Trainee

base salary: 100

combat skill:
killing style:


 Curious | Intellectual | Gregarious | Broad-minded | Arrogant | Pompous | Spiteful | Cunning |

Since Aude started travelling around a lot she’s gained a genuine childlike curiosity which rarely shows and only appears when she’s in a new place. But she’s mostly explored the world by 22 and she’s proud of that. Her curiosity is the reason she’s intellectual in some aspects through talking to the locals about the city and its secrets.

She’s always had a change in people, nobody in her life was ever a constant except for her father. Aude enjoys others company since she’s very communicative and charming from years of talking to her fathers business partners. She loves people. Aude has met a lot of people in her life and everyone had very different opinions so she’s grown accepting of it on subjects like sexuality and gender. ‘As long as you’re you boo and you’re living your life.’

She’s arrogant when it comes to being recognised as ‘Rousseau’s daughter’. She loves it when she’s treated differently and a real attention hog when it comes to her father and the public ( even though the media doesn’t really show her much ). The fact she travels a lot she acts quite pompous where she would say things like ‘Oh yes! I remember from that time I was in America blah blah blah’.

If there’s ever a person who treated her a little out of her high expectations she’ll keep the hatred in her heart for a long time and demand something be done by her father but he never does anything about it. She’s cunning in the way where she’ll be nice to get information out of someone and report it to someone else ( aka her father on her fathers rival but he never asked her to do it she just did it for him ). 

( word count: 297 ) 

+ recognition 
+ star signs 
+ latest fashion 
+ german guys wow smitten by em
+ cosplay ( "wow people look so cute!" )

- natural hair colours ( why )
- messy places
- the process of cooking/baking
- getting her hair ruined ( she gets really mad at this )
- mentions of her mother 

background history:

Damien Rousseau was a young man still making his way in the fashion industry as a fast rising popular fashion designer. Damien and Aude’s mother had a romantic story that Aude loves to listen to whenever Damien tells it.

He was young when he met Aude’s mother in the spring of 19XX when she was in Paris on her culinary internship. It was love at first sight and they started to meet each other regularly after her mother’s working hours. They were happy together and she makes Damien the happiest whenever she’s with him. She made him want to be a better person.

After Damien decided he was going to propose to her, fairy lights on the roof of a building a classic romantic setting with the Eiffel Tower in the near distance, she told him that she was sick. There was a 40% chance she might not even make it to see their second child if they were going to go ahead with their crazy plan and get married. 

He didn’t care and married her anyway. "As long as I can have you, just for a little while, that's all I need." They were happy for 3 years before having a beautiful healthy girl named and called her Aude.

By the time Aude was 2 or 3, Damien had to travel a lot because of his shows, meetings and openings of his new clothing line. He left Aude and her mother for a long time and he regrets not spending the time he could have spent with her because a year later she had passed.


Damien swore then he’ll never make the same mistake with Aude. He brought her up carefully, making sure she was the splitting image of her mother, kind and gentle. Aude grew up outwardly graceful and nice but it wasn’t anything genuine like her mothers. Inside she was spiteful and a real sour grape.

Rousseau always took Aude when he was travelling for business. They had a mansion in the countryside of France but it was always uninhabited unless Aude and Damien were both there. So since Aude was young, she had been used to travelling by plane, living in hotels and meeting new business partners.


Her father is very proud of her.


She learns on an online school for years and had her diploma and degree in Psychology taken online too. Aude does minor modelling for her father but most of the time he’ll hire professional models and let Aude explore or study. 


When she does go to new cities she takes the time to educate herself on the place by talking to the locals and she got intellectual that way.


She’s never gotten into trouble because of how her father protects her and spoiling her. Aude just assumed she’d never be caught or punished since she was younger. For a long time her father had paid for everything and she never had to lift a finger.


That morning she was in a terrible mood from the hotel management being disrespectful to her, she ‘accidentally’ knocked over a ugly vase ( she was doing them a favour to be honest ) in the Mayor of Liechtenstein’s house and her father paid for it.


When they got back her father informed her that she has to pay him back for the vase which was around 50,000$. She’s never gotten into trouble with her father before so she started panicking.


“I know you didn’t knock that vase over by accident. Honey I known you my whole life. You can’t let someone get to you like that.” He explained to her in the car as she crossed her arms and huffed.


“Honestly…” she’s still acting huffy but her father isn’t giving in to her pouty ways.


“Honey just get a job and pay me back. Put that knowledge to good use.” He meant putting her degree to good use but her idea was to get a job at a hotel since she was so used to staying in hotels she practically knows how it works.


So she decided to work at Aspro Corvus, a new hotel that has a good name she had never stayed at. To pay her father back for the expensive vase she broke out of spite. Maybe working here will teach her to mellow. 

( word count: 720 )

- Is currently taking her Masters
- She looks like the piano music type but is the grindcore type in reality
- Her hair is dyed Ash Grey. She made her dad dye it the same colour. Twinsies!!! 
- Her name is pronounced O-de ( not to be mistaken by oda nobunaga from the history of japan whoops ) 
- She turns into a 5 year old with her dad 
- Appreciates humour :3c memes



♤ | Maca | 15 17 NOW L0SERS | GUESS WHo'S BACK AFTER 2 YEARS | I was cosplaying those 2 years forgive me | Back bcs the squad asked me to :'^) ilu | Roleplays | Radwife VictorianOlive | I go to university now wow | In the big city | I'm scared | ♤

"So much stuff has changed in 2 years imagine that-" So many of my favourite rp groups closed omfg

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