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stfu maca by macabun
stfu maca
just in case you were wondering what JY's been up to all this time. 
U-N-L-O-C-K: Louise Teo by macabun
U-N-L-O-C-K: Louise Teo
I wish I still had paint tool sai :iconocryplz: It would have been so much easier working with it then Sketchbook Express. 

Sorry I haven't been posting much ( not like anyone cares HAHA ) I just get caught up in my school work and my cosplay props and preparation for our cosplay dance/competition thing more and I started to drift away from deviantart :icondeadbodyplz: 


> Name: Teo, Louise

>Nickname: Louise, Lou, Teo, that r00d girl, R00D

>Age: 16 

>Gender: Female

>Birthday: September 23

>Height/Weight: 5'0" / 115

>Year: 2nd Year

>Nationality: Scottish

>Roommate/Housemate: Corea Yonah 
<da:thumb id="435153619">


+ Outgoing, Loud. Louise was raised among 3 older brothers so she's got their rebellious attitude. Her voice cannot be controlled and if she talks in class she'll always be yelled at for disrupting class. Overall she's very outgoing and confident, causing her to gain a lot of acquaintances and admirers. But some people really don't like her loudness so there are some people that dislike her.

+ Enthusiastic, Positive. During competitions or exams, she stays positive [ even though she didn't practice or study ]. She cheers even when their team gets 0 marks. Louise is always enthusiastic to go play during competitions, always wanting to be the one who goes first at everything. She isn't shy at all. 

+ Protective. She's protective over certain people and majority of the time, animals and plants. She just can't stand the sight of people abusing animals. Trust me, she will abuse you instead. Louise is the type of person who doesn't mind making enemies as long as the people she loves will stay unharmed. She got this trait from her father.

- Rough, Blunt. Occasionally, Louise doesn't think before she speaks causing someone to get hurt. The worst thing is that she can't read the atmosphere and she doesn't even know if they dislike her or not! When she plays around with people or children, she can get very rough. Once or twice people have gotten hurt from playing with her. She can't control herself.

- Stubborn, Rude. Even though Louise looks very sweet, she's rude. She was raised with 4 men and she's got her mother's stubborn attitude. Her way of speaking is also rude and she has no sense of control. During class or even at fancy dinners when she's suppose to control her language, she'll just randomly curse without knowing because its already a force of habit.

- Competitive. Louise is incredibly competitive. From fighting games to 'who can write their essay the fastest' to drinking water, she turns EVERYTHING INTO A COMPETITION. She dislikes losing, but she also doesn't mind losing. When she wins she does a silly [ and loud ] victory dance. 

- Is not a good listener. Never tell Louise your problems. She won't solve it. If you ask her a question and she's looking directly at you and nods, she's not listening. As long as she sees your mouth moving and looking at her, she tunes out your voice and thinks about something else. 

+ Baseball / Basketball / Sports
+ Money
+ Bugs
+ Guy friends
+ Yuudai
+ Dancing [ she's pretty good at it since her brothers are dancers at their schools ]
+ Competitions
+ Winning

- Cold Weather
- Being 'gentle' [ she just can't be gentle ]
- Boyfriends
- Homework
- Singing
- Sweet foods / drinks
- HER LONG HAIR [ but she's so lazy to cut it ]
- Reading
- Karaoke
- People talking about her height
- Jerks


When Louise was younger, she lived in Great Britain. She loved it there and she never wanted to leave the country. Her mother, Angelina Teo, was working there as a banker while her father, Lawrence Teo, was working as an director of a really popular company that makes the latest technology. 

Louise had her 3 older brothers [ Leo, Elliot, and Justin ]  that were young models in London. Their whole family was perfect until one day, there was a robbery at their mothers bank and 27 people was killed. It took at least 8 hours to get catch the robbers inside. It was a real tragedy for the family. Their mother was always the angel of their family. 

After that, Lawrence became terrified of losing his other children so he demanded her 3 older brothers to stop their modelling jobs and stay in the house where they were safe. The only places they were allowed to go to was their private school and their home. He was very protective of them and Louise admired that about her father.

3 years later, Lawrence's company had expanded to Japan and he was very excited to move there. Of course, his children got dragged along. Louise being stubborn mule she is, refused to leave the country she loved the most. All their things were here and she would get homesick. She hated Japan and kept complaining about it in the aeroplane. 

"Don't worry about it honey. Japan has a lot of amazing and great places to visit. They also have a lot of cute stationary. You like that don't you?" Lawrence began to ramble about the great things about Japan to his only daughter as she stared at him for a long time.

Louise nodded her head and her father glared at her. "You're not listening are you." 

Another nod. 

Her father enrolled her in Seiyo Academy along with her 3rd oldest brother Justin and to be honest, it wasn't too bad. Her brothers were having a great time in Japan in the modelling business and they took up dance as their clubs. They were free to do the things they loved again. 

Except Louise, who just can't seem to control her mouth long enough to get any friends.

" Huh? What happened?"
" I don't know?!"
" Not hungry."



Tachibana Akiko [ A-key ]
"Prepare to lose!"
Akiko and Louise are super competitive with each other. They both turn everything into a competition from a  friendly game of basketball to 'who can get to the lockers faster'. Overall Louise is impressed that Akiko can keep up with her competitiveness and looks forward to playing with the girl more. They could be good friends if they ever get the chance to sit down and talk instead of make everything a competition.

Akifuji Hazuki [ Ha-zu-key ]
"When did you propose to me I never remembered receiving the ring."
Hazuki didn't really leave the best impression on Louise, but she sure was nice and sly, but a good person. Louise doesn't necessarily like making girl friends because she thinks they're all 'good' and 'sweet' but Hazuki shows that not all girls are so bad after all. Also Hazuki tricked Louise into marrying her by proposing with a sandwich andnowthey'remarriedforlife. 

Corea Yonah [ Yonah ]
Louise enjoys being with Yonah because she's so funny and just a generally nice person to hang out with. She likes listening to Yonah talk about boys and her brother, since she seems very passionate about both topics. Louise admires the fact Yonah believes she can do anything without her brothers help because Louise would be so lost without hers. Yonah is just one of her many idols [ also Yonah is so freaking pretty omfg ].


Yamamoto Yuudai [ Yuu-die ]
"I suppose you're alright. You're not a jerk."
Yuudai is a generally good person in her book. She kind of regrets snapping at him when she first met him, but he's just so freaking tall and intimidating she just thought that he could be some kind of jerk who's going to be mean to her. Apparently he's really nice though and she appreciates their friendship. Plus he gives her piggyback rides and that means you're no.1 in her book.

Corea Juon [ Ju-on ]
"I think we kind of got on a bad start but we're friends now."
Juon and Louise happened to get on each others nerves at first but then they started to be nice to each other. Louise cares about Juon since he was her first friend before anyone else. Also he's really tall so she's hoping for a piggyback ride from him too. She doesn't mind being very loud and annoying around him because she feels like she doesn't have to hold back when she's around him. Sometimes when she can't do things she knows Juon will be there to help since she depends on him quite a lot.

Hanabusa Nao [ Na-o ]
"I suppose you're not a jerk. But if you're mean to me you're automatically a jerk."
Louise thinks he's a little weird when they first met since it looked like Nao didn't want anything to do with her, but it just turns out he was shy from talking to her because she looked as scary as hell. Now he calls her some kind of cute nickname Louise would usually flinch at since its 'too cute' for her. She appreciates that he's trying to be friends with her now though. SWIMMING CLUB BUDDIEs STICK TOGETHER! Also she finds him cute because he reminds her of a little kid.

Yanagi Toru [ Toeru ahaha ha //KILLED ]
"Hmmm... I like you. Please marry me thanks."
She fell in love when she met him in elementary school and there started their love story//SPANKED
Toru is so cool and he only had to look at the jerks to stop them from laughing and Louise got so amazed she asked him to marry her isn't that a perfect love story or what you guys //HIT//. She thinks he generally cares about her so she tries her best not to get pissed off at him and threaten to kick him in the balls because she cares about him. 

Ueno Juro [ JUNO ]
They're friends.
Kind of.
No they're not friends she hates him so much. They're more like friendly rivals.
Louise, Juno and Akio are called 'Short Trio' although they haven't been seen altogether yet but when they become Thrid Years they're gonna become so sugoi and hot omfg //SPANKED

Kazehaya Daisuke [ Dai ]
"I like talking to you, but we probably shouldn't have conversations in the girls locker room."

Yanagimoto Kazuki [ Kazoo ]
"Ah, yeah you're handsome I mean like you're technically-- handsome to women standards idek anymore I'm sorry."

Seiryun Towa [ Tower ]
"T o w e r please join swim club and not newspaper club you're so much better then that."

>Voice: Ai Nonaka [ voice actress of Kyoko Sakura from PMMM ]

+ She's prettier then most girls, bUT SHE'S INCREDIBLY R00D.
+ Her mother died. That's why she has no sense of grace or gentleness at all.
+ She's got a eating disorder ever since her mother died.
+ Louise is the kind of person who would do something, after she's told not to do it without an explanation.
+ Feels restless from time to time.
+ She doesn't sing because her mother used to and she hates singing.
+ Jumps into the pool because of how excited it makes her.
+ Can hold her breath up to 6 minutes.
+ Lures people to join Swim Club if she's with other swim club members.

Guardian Character

 Lina [ short for Angelina ]

>Gender: Female

>Would be Self: Dancer [ Slow Dancing, Gentle movement, etc ]

+ Gentle, Caring. Lina hatched to teach Louise how to be a gentle and caring person. To care for people and their feelings and opinions. 
+ Trusting, Optimistic. She puts all her trust into anyone she meets. "Trust is the key!" she always says. 
+ Motherly, Responsible. Lina treats Louise as if she was tutoring Louise through everything she does. She wants to be there to hold Louise's hand through everything she does so she wouldn't have to leave Louise alone. She is responsible with her duties and tasks that need to be carried out.
- Easily disappointed. Lina is easily disappointed and she'll give you this incredibly heartbroken face. Its because she trusts people too much and when they don't see it through she'll get sad.
- Sensitive. Her feelings are sensitive and she absolutely hates it when Louise starts hating herself or whenever Louise starts cursing at Lina. She doesn't mind Louise cursing at others though.

+ Slow dancing
+ Talking to new people
+ People who keep their promises
+ When Louise makes new friends. handsome friends //KILLED
+ Watching people fall in love aaaah so cute
+ Fluffy pillows
- Those weird modern dances
- People who abuse others
- Bitter foods
- When Louise doesn't take care of her health
- Swimming / Getting wet
- Being roughly handled

>Quote: "Time for you to shine!"

>Voice:  Kikuko Inoue [ voice actress of Virgillia from UnNnKn ]0:24 - 0.26

+ Hates it whenever Louise doesn't eat right.
+ She looks like Louise's mother, Angelina Teo, in appearance. Hence she was named Angelina.
+ Hates that she really has no control whatsoever over Louise.
+ Loves reading love stories
+ Generally passionate about caring for others.
+ Supportive of whatever you do.
+She loves it when people start slow dancing.

what a louser by macabun
what a louser
I haven't been drawing in a while ( cause I've been cosplaying so much lately ) and I kinda like this colouring style :'D seems nice. 

I drew my daughter, Louise Teo from U-N-L-O-C-K cause her hair srsly needs to be chopped off :iconheplz: //KICKED
HC: Castiel by macabun
HC: Castiel


[ name ] Castiel Annabelle K. [ Cas, Ciel, Pumpkin, etc ]
[ age ] 17
[ gender ] female
[ notable features ] 
+ Her striking orange hair
+ When she gets embarrassed her face lights up like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.
+ She's got pretty legs lmao

[ skill ] professional novelist [ so far she wrote 10 books and 1 of it is becoming a film ]
[ height ] 5'5"
[ weight ] 154 lbs

[ personality ] [ will add later ]

+ Bossy, Tsundere Castiel's very bossy, but it makes her a great leader in some situations. But most of the time it can come off a little rude. She can be very combative and quite 'negative' when it comes to love. After she gets used to you, she can be very cute in a relationship. Although if you tell her she's cute you'll get a tsundere remark. 

+ Generous, Dramatic, Confident
 Castiel is the kind of person who thinks she's 'too wealthy' in a way? Which is kind of strange but it makes her slightly more generous than others. She gets it from her mother, who is a drama queen. Castiel doubts that she's anything like her mother though, but they are quite similar. 

+ Gentle, Nice with certain things. Like old people, children [ they're generally attracted to her ] and small animals. Once she's gentle she can be very VERY caring and sweet. 

- Antisocial, Arrogant
 She's not very good at it. She only had two friends her whole life. Castiel's alright with normal talking, but not at making friends. Her arrogance may also be one of the reasons she has not that many friends. As the president of the Student Council of Himawari Academy, she somehow gets the confidence and arrogants to do whatever she likes. 

- Persistent, Problematic. The fact that she wants EVERYTHING HER WAY can occasionally cause problems to the people around her. She doesn't THINK before she acts or does anything.

- Pessimist, Crybaby. Castiel has a pessimistic way of thinking in every situation. She believes that thinking positively can give a 'wrong' feel sometimes. Also when things don't go her way Castiel is a huge crybaby. She'll cry and there's no stopping her from doing something stupid then.

[ history ] once upon a time she came to school and she didn't make friends at all. She's the President of the Student Council but she still has zero friends. One day paperwork came in saying the president of the Neighbours Club is dead. So she decided as the Student Council President she'll be the persident of this idiot club too [ even though she doesn't HAVE to, she just wanted to do it ].

[ relationships ]


NPC - Grace Phillips [ Gracie ]
"Am I right Grace?"
Grace and Castiel both work in the student council office. Grace is mostly seen with Castiel because she has to record everything Castiel might say officially to put in the school rule book (which is slowly being updated). Usually if she needs someone to back her up, she'll turn to Grace. Other then student council events, they don't talk at all. 

KJ [ KJ ]
"Hmm. Your fashion sense has gotten better. Good job." 
Castiel (somehow) enjoys teasing KJ to a very, very, very large extend. To even get her angry even. Its not that she finds KJ to be easy to tease, but she just generally enjoys acting like the bad guy to let people grow out of their 'shells'. Castiel means no harm tbh.

Azalea Tsumugu [ Plant Girl ]
"Don't fret I won't tease you. .... Plant whisperer." 
Castiel also enjoys teasing Azalea. 

Prince Chester Ross [ Chester ]
Lesson one, never touch Castiel unless you want her to fall in love with you I mean um- become secretly attached to you. He seems to be her first friend at the school, and even though he isn't around her sometimes she makes mental reminders to tell him this funny joke or that moment she saw during 3rd Period. It appears that Castiel holds Chester very dear to her since she openly talks to him about certain subjects she should really shut up about. 

Thomas Dean Garraway [ Pine ]
As a internationally famous author she gets very confused whenever with Thomas. Sure he's very nice and peachy, but she doesn't understand what he's saying. (Most likely because she's focusing on the fact his middle name is Dean.) But she does think very positively about this boy. He's a very positive influence and she doesn't seem to think pessimistically with him. 

Nathan Kedzior [ Idiot ]
"I swear you're a sherlockian." 
She has a history with Nathan and a score to settle with him!!! They're both very terrified of Nathan's big sister since they both grew up together. Although it does seem like Castiel enjoys bossing him around like a princess, she does indeed care for him and will go to the extend of threatening (which is against student council committee rules!) anyone to keep him safe. 

Dannil Lamm [ Idiot No.2 ]
"As long as nobody breaks their bones, you can have as much fun as you like." 
They both enjoy scaring students shitless. The rest of the time Castiel thinks Dannil is a moron.

[ fun facts/others ]
+ She's got a brother and a few other sisters.
+ Spends most of her time writing so she's gotten really good at it.
+ Her OTP's are normally the angsty types. coughcoughAsakikucough
+ She's got a boy name but she's a girl dw dw.

[ likes/dislikes ] 
+ Tea [ she's obsessed with it ]
+ Company
+ Being alone
+ Bread
+ Books
+ Piano
+ Reading

- Spicy Foods
- Jetlag
- Noise
- Being lonely
- Weirdass people

[ hobbies ] 
+ Flying all over the world to taste the different types of tea
+ Playing piano
+ Writing down ideas while she's enjoying her tea time in the garden at home 



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